Migration to Cloud: How to Tackle it for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses


In this episode, Manuel Pattyn discusses Migration to Jira Cloud for SMEs with Joachim Bollen.

Joachim Bollen is an Atlassian Hero with 10 years of experience in the Atlassian ecosystem. He has worked with companies of all sizes to assist them in optimizing their Atlassian environment. In recent years, he has implemented multiple asset management solutions with Insight, including Server Management, CMDB, Management of support contracts, Resource Management.

Next to his functional and technical experience, Joachim loves to share his knowledge via presentations, trainings, and workshops. He has been selected to present at Atlassian Summit twice and has presented at many other events.

About this episode:

  • Why move to the Atlassian Cloud
  • Prioritization of 4 migration strategies for an SME
  • Steps to a successful migration for an SME
  • Migration tools for SMEs
  • and more

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Episode Transcript

Manuel Pattyn: Hello everybody! Yet another podcast from iDalko and today we’re going to talk about migration from Server to Cloud and we have our most honorable guest today and that’s Joachim Bollen! Joachim, can you introduce yourself?

Joachim Bollen: Yes, good morning! I’m Joachim Bollen I’m one of iDalko’s Atlassian heroes, as we call ourselves, and I’ve been working for iDalko for about a year now and the last few months have been very busy with migrating to the Cloud. A lot of customers are asking us if it’s a good idea if it’s the right time to migrate to the cloud, or should they wait a bit and that’s what I’m going to talk about today.

Manuel: Excellent! So the first thing would be, how do you make a decision or any way in the direction you’re gonna move from Server to Cloud why would you go to Cloud?

Joachim: Yeah, why would you go to Cloud? Well, the first reason is Atlassian has announced that they will stop supporting the Server platform in a few years, so you have a time window of a few years to consider migrating to either Cloud or Data Center. Data Center is a good solution for larger customers but the smaller customers, they don’t really have a choice, either they can stay on Server for a while and migrate to Cloud later or they should migrate right now.

The main reasons to consider are that in Cloud, not all the features are the same as on Server so you need to make sure that all the features that you need for your installation are already available in Cloud or a good workaround is available. If it’s not then it’s probably best to wait a bit and see if in a few months or a year that the features are there and then you can consider migrating a bit later in time.

Manuel: Okay so then migrating to Cloud is one but you have more than one flavor. There are about four available flavors for the moment and let’s say a company averaging about 100 people and somebody else is averaging a thousand. What are they going to choose? What are the topics or the priorities to make a correct choice?

Joachim: Yeah, it really depends on what you need. So the size of the company… of course a little company will probably be more wary of the extra costs of an enterprise or a premium Cloud instance so you really have to evaluate if the features that are there are really needed or not or you can do it with the standard plan. The main features for the service management, for example, is that you have the CMDB options in the premium and enterprise plans so you can have the inside CMDB database which is not available for the standard plan. And the same for Confluence where you have the team calendars which is also a really nice feature but it’s also only for the more expensive plans. 

Manuel: Yeah indeed. It’s only available from premium and onwards and for small companies and enterprises out of the league because it starts from 800 users and indeed the pricing is very ambitious.

Joachim: Yeah, another factor is the data residency which is standard in the enterprise plan that you can choose where to store your data but that’s something that will change in the future and will also be available for the lower plans because… 

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