The Beginner’s Guide to Jira Align (2024)

Jira is a phenomenally powerful platform for tracking work. Jira Align augments this by connecting technical execution on the ground with the wider business strategy – empowering teams across the business, from top to bottom, and scaling all the way up to enterprise level. That means that you can connect the workflows of teams across […]

Power BI Jira Connector: How to Connect Jira and Power BI in 3 Steps

This article was written by Lisa Teves from Appfire.  Uncovering new findings or trends in your business data is both exciting and insightful. The opportunity for analysis is plentiful but can also pose a challenge depending on resources, bandwidth, and internal reporting alignment. Many times data is located in various sources or tools, so having […]

Jira for Project Management: Level up your Business Activities

Jira is one of the most powerful task-tracking tools out there. Its key strength is in the huge range of options that it has on offer, which allow teams to customize the platform to reflect real-life workflows and extend the product to the organization’s precise requirements. And while Jira is best known for its use […]

Jira Automation: Get the Basics Right

Jira is a supremely powerful task tracking tool, which allows you to manage work and workflows at scale. Beyond that, though, the platform enables you to work faster and smarter. And that’s where automation comes in… What is automation for? You can automatically take care of simple, repetitive tasks by building automation rules into your […]

8 Reasons You Should Consider a Jira Plugin for Outlook and How to Integrate It

This article was written by Aliaa El-Nashar from Infosysta. Every role within a company requires a specific tool that will be used predominantly for work. A graphic designer most likely uses Photoshop more than a developer would. A content strategist would probably have more experience with CMS tools than someone in sales or legal. It […]

Team Idalko for Ukraine

This article was written by Mariia Onyshchenko, Partner Manager at Idalko. We had big plans for this year’s team-building event at Idalko. We wanted to gather all idalkonians from all over the world to celebrate our 10-year anniversary, as well as our big and small wins, and simply to spend quality time together. Sadly, the […]

Idalko Keeps Growing and We Have Moved to a Great New Office!

Idalko has lately been referred to as “a hidden gem from Belgium” and “one of the best-kept secrets in the Belgian tech sector” by the press. Indeed, a gem, but one that is no longer hidden. Having grown significantly over a decade, we now have even more ambitious plans and goals for the future, and […]

How to Set up a GitHub Enterprise Jira Integration: the Comprehensive 2024 Guide

GitHub is popular amongst the software community and for a good reason. It allows collaborating on software code with colleagues or even complete strangers. It comes loaded with project management and version control features as well. GitHub Enterprise is GitHub packed, designed, and delivered for enterprise-level control over security, collaboration and administration. Jira, which comes […]

Migrating Atlassian Apps from Server to Cloud – Part IV: Automated Migration Paths

This article was written by Kamil Beer, an Atlassian Engineer at Idalko. Usually, this series of articles explains how to migrate various apps to the Atlassian Cloud. But today, we want to focus on the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant’s (JCMA) newest version – 1.6.3., which supports automatic migrations of add-ons. We will explore the recent […]

Migrating Atlassian Apps from Server to Cloud – Part III: Structure for Jira

This article was written by Kamil Beer, an Atlassian Engineer at Idalko. We’re happy to see you join us for Part III of our Migrating Apps series. Today’s topic is the popular Jira “Structure – Project Management at Scale” add-on by ALM works and how to migrate it. You can see it on many Jiras, […]