Announcing Idalko Services for is a visual platform for nearly any kind of user who needs an easy-to-get-started and intuitive work management system. You can simply choose among the ready-made templates or create your own workflow based on your team’s requirements. Its visual interface along with the ease of use makes it a perfect platform for all teams.

Transform your data into Kanban, Gantt, map, calendar, timeline, and workload and view it however you like. Easily track projects, distribute initiatives on a visual timeline, and make sure deadlines are successfully met.

What’s new?

As an ever-evolving company, Idalko is becoming an experienced service provider. We have the experts and the knowledge in-house, so we decided to extend our existing services to cover an even wider range of users.

So here we are, announcing our new services for! Everything from hassle-free implementation and integration to license management.

The Idalko way

If you’re looking for the perfect way to manage your work, and you think your trusted experts can bring it to you, here we are!

Why you should do it the Idalko way?


  • As an expert services provider, we understand your requirements and know how to listen to your business needs.
  • We provide test environments and workshops so you can discover what your actual needs are.
  • We train you and help you train your team to learn the why and how.
  • And we take care of your in-app maintenance on the way to adapt your workflow to the possible changes and tweaks.

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