ITSM Workflows and Automation in Jira Service Management : A How-to Guide

Rather than simply maintaining systems and infrastructure, the core tenet of the IT Service Management (ITSM) philosophy is to deliver IT as a service to customers. A key part of this is to have logical workflows that drive queries, problems, and incidents onward so answers can be provided and solutions can be implemented, quickly and […]

A Guide to Implement ITSM with Jira Service Management

IT Service Management (ITSM) has had a transformative impact on how the IT function operates within organizations today. The ITSM approach means delivering IT as a service and viewing the processes under the IT umbrella in terms of holistic, end-to-end service delivery. Given Atlassian’s leading status in providing project management tools for developers, it’s perhaps […]

Mastering Jira Service Management Automation: A Guide for Team-Managed Projects

Automation in team-managed projects in JSM is powered by workflow rules, which enable you to accelerate the path of requests through JSM’s different request-type workflows. Atlassian has a library of lots of JSM automation rule templates, which can give you an idea of what’s possible. When it comes to workflow rules, the following are in […]

A 2023 Guide to Jira Burndown Charts

Jira is one of the most powerful platforms available for managing projects and tasks and it comes with an extensive suite of tools for tracking performance and progress.  One of the most frequently used of these in Jira Software is the burndown chart, which illustrates how the team’s output compares against projected work estimations in […]

Confluence Cloud-based Intranet: How to Thrive and Survive in a Modern Workplace

This blog post was written by Tea Susnjar from Caelor. In today’s business landscape, timely knowledge sharing and effective teamwork are a must. All-hand meetings were effective when everyone worked in the same office. But what about today – when excessive meetings, emails, and synchronous communication, once key to managing operations, no longer seem to […]

A Complete Guide to Jira Subtasks

Jira’s power comes from just how much the platform can be extended and customized at every level – from the very top, at the level of projects, epics and components, right down to the level of subtasks. But just what are Jira subtasks and what are they for? What is covered in this blog post: […]

ESM vs. ITSM: Key Differences in Enterprise and IT Service Management

The IT Service Management (ITSM) philosophy has transformed the way that organizations deploy their IT resources. Enterprise Service Management (ESM) takes this a step further, exploring how these same practices can be extended across the business to unlock organization-wide efficiencies and drive the digital transformation journey forwards. But what exactly are ITSM and ESM? And […]

Everything You Need To Know About Jira Reporting

This blog post was written by Khrystyna Shparyk from AlphaServe.  For businesses that use Jira for their IT and customer service management, Jira reporting becomes a vital asset to generating quick insights about projects, teams, and individual users. Jira has an in-built reporting feature for generating reports. Users can generate custom reports with reporting add-ons […]

Master Jira Work Management with this Comprehensive Guide

Jira Work Management helps business teams to collaborate and to track work. This makes processes transparent and ensures that progress can be measured, building accountability into the system and ensuring that teams are aligned. What’s more, it embeds these workflows within the Atlassian ecosystem, opening up enormous opportunities for extension, customization, and integration. What is […]