ITSM Workflows and Automation in Jira Service Management

Rather than simply maintaining systems and infrastructure, the core tenet of the IT Service Management (ITSM) philosophy is to deliver IT as a service to customers. A key part of this is to have logical workflows that drive queries, problems, and incidents onward so answers can be provided and solutions can be implemented, quickly and […]

Mastering Atlassian Intelligence: AI Insights in the Ecosystem.

Automation has long been a key part of Atlassian’s toolset, enabling you to accelerate workflows and keep your team updated, covering simple, repeatable tasks that would otherwise require intelligent human intervention. With the Atlassian Intelligence product, however, the company has embedded cutting-edge AI tools into the heart of its product ecosystem. Atlassian Intelligence, built in […]

Mastering Jira Governance: Prioritizing Global Happiness over Complexity

Atlassian and the human factor This blog emphasizes the significance of establishing effective governance and outlines how every (Atlassian) product can thrive with a robust governance framework. Our motivation for this blog stems from extensive year-long interactions with customers. Many of these customers began with modest setups, witnessing their instances grow in both scale and […]

Exploring Atlassian’s Trio: Atlas, Beacon, and Compass – A Comprehensive Guide

Atlassian, known for its suite of innovative software solutions, has introduced a triumvirate of new tools aimed at revolutionizing communication, security, and code repository management: Atlas, Beacon, and Compass. Let’s delve into the specifics of each offering and explore their functionalities, target audiences, and future prospects. Atlassian Atlas: Bridging Communication and Progress Tracking Atlassian Atlas […]