Effortlessly Embedding HTML Forms in Confluence Pages

Introduction A customer called with the following problem “Hi Idalko I need to create a very simple form which collects some data from the user, do some calculation on it and show the result in the same page. Is this possible in Confluence?” The customer was wondering how to create an HTML form in Confluence. […]

Simplify Your Workflow with Script-Runner: Show/Hide Fields with Behaviour Functionality

You can’t imagine what Atlassian JIRA allows you to track. To accommodate all potential reporting needs, large companies tend to expand the number of fields on forms. In a number of cases, fields are only relevant under particular conditions.   Making users understand the logic behind these fields and dependencies is in many cases a daunting […]

Optimize your JIRA approval process with ScriptRunner and Groovy scripting.

Introduction Are you considering using JIRA to support an approval process, but you’re not sure how to tackle it?  This page details an implementation we made for one of our customers using a bit of groovy scripting and the unbelievable essential ScriptRunner from Adaptavist. The environment This customer is one of these robust financial organizations […]

Use Case: Updating Host File with IP Addresses of Host-Running Containers

Introduction We are using BIRT extensively for reporting from our Atlassian JIRA.  The BIRT viewer is a tomcat application that will use a design file to turn raw data into documents or pdf files. But now we have this idea to migrate our Atlassian stack to docker, and the migration of BIRT into the container […]