Optimizing Email Communication in JIRA: Remove Mail Prefix from Generated Emails


We are using the ‘JIRA email this issue‘ add-on to send various types of emails to our contacts. One of the drawbacks of using JIRA mail is that every email is prefixed with a fixed string, and it is not possible to empty the prefix when saving the mail server configuration.

But Atlassian has a page on this ‘How to remove the prefix in JIRA SMTP Configuration|

The problem with this approach is that no mail will have a prefix, which might be a problem for those users who are using the mail prefix to filter out the JIRA-generated messages.

To resolve that second problem, you will have to access your installation and modify all the subject templates.

These are located under:

<JIRA install>/atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/classes/templates/email/subject

Edit all the VM files, and insert the prefix.
Restart JIRA and here is the result:


If you want support, please contact us.


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