Idalko’s Atlassian Event Recap: Presentations and Key Learnings (November 2017)

Last week we held an Atlassian event in Antwerp. With a main theme of Cross Company Service Desk and a leading role of Jira Service Desk & Asset Management.

If you were present, thank you for joining us! If not, do not worry, you can find a recap of all presentations and highlights right here:

Cross Company Service Management with Jira

In this presentation, we really showed you the power of Jira Service Desk. We demonstrated a scenario where it was crucial to get organized cross-company. More precisely, we showed you exactly how to use Jira Service Desk to survive a tornado.

We also had the chance to enjoy a keynote by James Finister, the global lead of the TATA Consultancy Services Group. Where he discussed how to truly get organized cross-company. And use SIAM for enterprise agility.

Siam for enterprise agility

Powerful Jira Add-ons

After the keynotes, we were able to introduce some powerful plugins to get the most out of your Jira Service Desk. Here you can find some of the most powerful apps Jira has to offer.

Exalate Synchronization Tool

Exalate is a synchronization tool for issue trackers, like Jira. This means you can easily sync issues from separate Jira’s in real-time. Working with a synchronization tool makes collaboration across teams a lot more intuitive when working with separate issue-trackers cross-company.

Find Exalate on the Atlassian Marketplace

Automation for Jira

This is a powerful plugin for Jira, created by CodeBarrel. It allows you to set up automatic actions in Jira based on triggers and rules you can configure. Like sending notifications through text message when your servers catch fire!

Find Automation for Jira on the Atlassian Marketplace

Insight Asset Management

Wouldn’t it be great if you could manage all your assets from your Jira? Yes, it would. And yes, it’s possible. Use the Insight app for Jira by Riada to manage assets from all your teams. Insight provides freedom to create any type of object structure in Jira.  Work at lightning speed when you have your issues connected to the actual artefacts they concern.

Find Insight Asset Management on the Atlassian Marketplace

Atlas CRM for Jira

Transform your Jira into a powerful CRM with this add-on by Avisi. You can easily manage information on customers, sales, and support. And link them to the appropriate issues in your Jira.

Find Atlas CRM on the Atlassian Marketplace

To get the most out of your CRM experience, you can power up the app with the CRM app for Confluence.

RefinedTheme for Jira Service Desk

Customizing Jira Service Desk customer portals is now simple with RefinedWiki’s theming app. The app uses the same core components that power top-selling app RefinedTheme for Confluence (theme, navigation, and layout) and adds an improved look and feel.

Find RefinedTheme on the Atlassian Marketplace


Thank you so much for joining us at our event in Antwerp. If you weren’t able to make it, You’ll get a second chance. We’ll hold another event next year. It will be better and a lot bigger.

Feel free to give us any additional feedback you might have. Any likes or dislikes? Are there any specific topics you’d like us to cover? Is anyone, in particular, like to see speak at our event? Let us know! Email us at:


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