Goodbye Jira Service Desk, Welcome Jira Service Management

On November 9th, Atlassian announced that Jira Service Desk (JSD) will now be called Jira Service Management (JSM) as it will gain features already familiar to Opsgenie users.

How will Jira Service Management Work?

Simply put, Jira Service Management merges Jira Service Desk and Opsgenie. Along with the existing Jira Service Desk functions, Jira Service Management includes alerts, major incidents, on-call scheduling, and global notifications.


Also add the improved Change Management capabilities provided by integrating CI/CD tools (Bitbucket Pipelines, Jenkins) with change tickets to the list. Another interesting aspect of Jira Service Management is its connection to monitoring tools.

Atlassian also promises further development of Asset and Configuration management features. The plan is to add Insight, its newly acquired app, into Jira Service Management at some point in the future. Until this happens, customers still need to purchase Insight separately. Another integration is available though; an app connecting Jira Service Management with Statuspage, Atlassian’s incident communication tool.

In Cloud or Server/ Data Center?

You can already try Jira Service Management in Cloud. Current Jira Service Desk subscribers will receive it in a few weeks. For Server and Data Center users, Jira Service Desk will change to Jira Service Management in the next release after an upgrade.

On existing offerings, this means a rebranding and a new feature palette. However, Jira Service Management will miss a few Opsgenie options, like Heartbeats, Live chat support, or Incoming call routing.

Cloud subscribers’ feature set further depends on the pricing plan – Free, Classic, or Premium (see more here). On-premise deployments are said to lack built-in Opsgenie functions entirely, so right now, it’s unclear what exactly they will gain besides a name change.

However, the current Opsgenie users don’t need to buy a new application as Opsgenie will also be available as a standalone version. And Atlassian promises the existing Jira Service Desk customers that the prices won’t change on the lower license tiers. You can learn more about Jira Service Management through Atlassian’s weekly introductory webinars.

So if you are thinking about adopting Jira Service Management as your ITSM tool, you can simply contact us.


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