Idalko Keeps Growing and We Have Moved to a Great New Office!

Idalko has lately been referred to as “a hidden gem from Belgium” and “one of the best-kept secrets in the Belgian tech sector” by the press. Indeed, a gem, but one that is no longer hidden.

Having grown significantly over a decade, we now have even more ambitious plans and goals for the future, and we naturally needed more space to put them into action.

This May we opened the doors of our new HQ in Antwerp, Belgium, and here we’ll continue to build our supportive and inclusive culture where all of us belong, contribute, and can thrive.

We have a great deal to be proud of! Idalko Licensing and Consulting, and Idalko’s products – Table Grid and Exalate, have a global impact with over 2,000 customers, including almost 30% of the Fortune 500’s Top 50, locations in five countries, and a powerful team of +90 (and counting) wonderful people. We speak more than 25 languages and represent more than 30 different nationalities, but understanding is our common language.

We are keeping our remote-first approach and global presence, but we are now also able to meet with our teammates, partners, and clients in our larger, brighter, and more welcoming new location.

Let’s have a peek:

First things first – as soon as you walk into our office, you’ll find yourself in our favorite room – the kitchen. We’ve always enjoyed sharing some good vibes around the table. Here we spice up our workdays with nice lunches, IT Culinary masterclasses, and we simply enjoy being together.Great ideas and insights are often generated during pleasant conversations over a good meal.
We chose to have a bright and open main office space because we are anything but close-minded.Our “I need to focus” rooms are also available because, in the fast-paced tech world, we all need some quiet space from time to time.We created comfy common areas…… and lively meeting rooms, where we can share inspiration and put our greatest ideas into action. And we named them after various spices from throughout the world to reflect our diverse mix of cultures & personalities functioning perfectly together.But even more important than our workspace are the people that make it so exciting and fun to work here. People with ambitious goals and vast to-do lists, but also kind personalities, various talents, brave souls, and generous hearts.

Meet some of our great team!

Here you can work with people who encourage you to be more excited, happy, and effective at your craft.People who care and share…… smile a lot……connect and build……play to win…… stretch boundaries….…and make great plans together.
And our Founders, whose vision inspires us all and who have the strength to lead with kindness and compassion.“We believe in the multiplying power of a great workplace culture. This office is meant to be a location where people may come together and “sync”; where we are enjoying the journey as we continue to grow, and remember to appreciate each other’s efforts along the way. At the end of the day, nothing beats a pat on the shoulder for a job well done.” – Francis Martens & Hilde Van Brempt, Co-founders

Moving to our new location marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for all of us.As we sincerely believe here:

“It is such a nice company!” – Manuel Pattyn, L&C Business Unit Manager

Along with our team, our network of great partners and clients is also expanding, as more and more are trusting our +10 years of vast IT experience and integration expertise.

We want to thank you for your trust, support, and commitment, and we look forward to meeting you, whether here at our brand new headquarters, online, or anywhere else in the world!

The new address is Roderveldlaan 2, 2600 Antwerp, Belgium

If you’re in the area, feel free to stop in and say hi!


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