How to Compare JIRA Workflows

Find out the difference between a draft and an original Jira workflow

When multiple people are working on the configuration of JIRA, you might get into problems synchronizing and/or communicating the intended changes.

It is not the first time that a customer has asked me to reconfigure a workflow. When accessing the workflow list, I found out that a draft version of the workflow was created by some person some time ago. If that person is not reachable, you need another way to know if the changes on the draft are finalized and can be included.

My approach is to know what the differences are between the original and the draft version of the workflow is straightforward: Export the XML version of both workflows and run a diff.

When there are too many differences, I will make a copy of the original workflow, make the changes on the copy, and adapt the workflow scheme to point to the new version.

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