Managing Field Visibility in JIRA: How to Ensure All Fields on Screens are Visible in FieldConfig

Creating a project configuration with over 500 custom fields can be a daunting task in JIRA. To simplify the process and avoid potential errors, a more efficient approach is required for managing field visibility.

This short article explores a simple query-based solution that ensures each field on a screen is visible in the corresponding field configuration, making project configuration in JIRA less complex and more streamlined.

Here is the query – hopefully, useful for someone :

select fss.NAME,  cf.cfname
from fieldscreen fss
inner join fieldscreentab fst on fst.FIELDSCREEN =
inner join fieldscreenlayoutitem fsl on fsl.FIELDSCREENTAB = fst.ID
inner join fieldlayoutitem fli on fli.FIELDIDENTIFIER = fsl.FIELDIDENTIFIER
inner join fieldlayout fl on fli.FIELDLAYOUT = fl.ID
left join customfield cf on cf.ID = cast(SUBSTRING(fsl.FIELDIDENTIFIER,13,20) as integer)
where fss.NAME like 'PTR_%'
and fl.NAME like 'PTR_%'
and fli.ISHIDDEN = 'True'


Used on line
Used for
3 fieldscreen This table lists all the screens of the configuration
4 fieldscreentab each screen can have multiple tabls
5 fieldscreenlayoutitem this is the actual table containing an entry for each screen object
6 fieldlayoutitem the fieldlayoutitem are the entries in the field configuration
9,10 Limit the query to the screens of interest. As we are using a prefix type of scheme it is easy to select the right screens
11 Show all entries which are marked as hidden in the field configuration


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