Re-Defining Project and Program Reporting with eazyBI for Jira

eazyBI Community Day is an annual event held by eazyBI. This year, it was all about removing reporting limits, covering everything from basic concepts to advanced principles, including the most important updates and use cases. Learn how to build a comprehensive decision support system for Jira, Confluence, or your external data warehouse and improve the way you manage your teams, projects, assets, tests, time, and more.

Making customers successful with Atlassian has been at the core for Idalko since its conception 10 years ago. In this event, Tom Moors, one of Idalko’s Atlassian heroes, will uncover two intriguing cases where eazyBI made a difference for program and project managers. You can learn new building blocks that will improve the way you’ll use and expose your reports.


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