How DARVA Created a Real Ecosystem for Insurance Companies for more than 30 Years?

How DARVA has created a Real Ecosystem for Insurance Companies to Interact Smoothly for more than 30 Years?

Darva was founded in Niort in 1988 at the impetus of Jacques Vandier and Michel d’Araujo with the support of the GMF, MAAF, MACIF, MAIF, MATMUT, and SMACL insurers. A simple start-up at its creation, it quickly realized that dematerialization was vital for its organization. So the creation of a transparent and reliable ecosystem was the starting point from the beginning of the venture. 

Today, nearly 90% of claims go through DARVA. Its shareholders are made up of the largest insurance companies in France. Its role is essential: to facilitate the management of Auto and Home claims for insurance companies.  

It is an intermediary and brings together all the players in the insurance sector (insurers, auto, and home experts, auto bodybuilders/ repair technicians, rental companies, tow trucks, assistants, servicemen, in-kind repair platform, etc.) around its platforms accessible via EDI, Extranets and API. DARVA also offers other services: certified registered email, EDI and Health exchanges, or access to specific VIS (Vehicle Information System of the French Government) services.

Today, Data is Key

DARVA provides its own hosting services for its solutions, conscientiousness which greatly contributes to the relationship of trust with its customers. It brings together all the skills of design, development, and operations and is therefore positioned as a supplier able to provide turnkey solutions to its customers. DARVA is thereby recognized as the premier source for producing, implementing, and operating solutions for the insurance ecosystem by implementing applications in connection with insurance agreements, for example.

Creating a very Effective Internal Vocabulary with the Help of Jira

“Through DARVA’s processes, Atlassian Jira offers us total transparency. It allows us to manage incidents and link several teams, but also to effectively structure our customer relationship. Amid the Covid-19 crisis, Jira also demonstrated all its abilities in terms of remote work. Another peculiarity is the appearance of an internal vocabulary specific to the system. At DARVA today, we talked about PILDEM for managing requests, PILCHA for managing changes, PILLIV for managing deliveries, PILEVE for announcing events, and finally PILINC for incident management. This common language at the company is not only practical day to day, but has also created a common vision, a team spirit.”

We have very quickly noticed that Jira was at the heart of our critical processes.

A Strong Conviction, Quick Adoption

The Atlassian solutions such as Jira and Confluence have the great advantage of being easy to adopt by a company. “The configurable aspect is also very important, with many possibilities to enrich the system. Without forgetting stability. After many updates, it can be clearly stated that the developments are proceeding without a hitch. That’s a strong point. Today, a majority of the teams operate under Jira, including Confluence. This allows us to optimize the communication by reducing the number of emails while increasing our efficiency. Jira has also become a data source, a true reference at the company. The major advantage is, of course, to bring together all our activities.” 

There’s no Equivalent to Jira

“Over time, we have seen the strength of the Atlassian products. These are powerful tools. Their strength is to develop a real ecosystem that offers a synthetic vision. We opted for the major plug-ins, including about fifteen which are part of the classic add-ons. They improve our workflow and have become essential.” 

With more than 202 million messages managed by its data center, DARVA is becoming the service platform for the insurance business.

The transformation toward Agile Culture and DevOps 

“The DevOps job has only recently existed at DARVA and its positioning in our organization remains to be specified. It’s obviously a culture change to be made, and we still have room for improvement in this area. Nonetheless, overall, the process of integrating Agile methods is now well underway.”

Idalko, the Ideal Partner

“We have worked with Idalko for several years. A long-term partner that facilitates our updates and introduces new Atlassian features. In short, a partnership that facilitates our day-to-day life. It’s also responsible for the whole licensing part and the resulting management.

However, we need to maintain our internal expertise. It’s real work done hand in hand and that brings a lot of mutual learning. A real winning duo!”


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