How to Integrate Jira and Salesforce?

This article was written by Yuliya Nesen from Peeklogic Introduction Atlassian Jira can integrate with Salesforce in a single environment with two-way automated data synchronization via a specialized Connector tool. Let us briefly explain the purpose of this article. A quick integration between Salesforce and Jira can significantly improve several business processes, including the interaction […]

Ultimate Guide to Atlassian Cloud Backup Solutions: Ensure Data Security

Atlassian Cloud backup solutions With many of our Atlassian customers transitioning from the on-prem server and data center platform to cloud this subject is becoming more and more relevant. With cloud being Atlassian’s main focus, this question has become more actual than ever with our customer base. Specially since the native backup solution offered by […]

Optimize your organisation with Atlassian Analytics

As companies are growing bigger, more and more data will be created. The growing amount of data makes it harder to see bottlenecks in your processes, problems in your products, or other things you would want more insights on. Atlassian analytics allows you to do this. What is Atlassian analytics? Atlassian analytics allows you to […]

Embracing the Digital Shift and Transformation: A Guide for Directors and Managers

In the modern business landscape, the transition from traditional, analog methods to digital practices is not merely a trend but a strategic imperative. Digital transformation, driven by the need for greater efficiency, flexibility, and collaboration, is reshaping the way organizations operate. Customers today expect fast, efficient, and customized services, something that is difficult to achieve […]

Optimizing ITSM Performance: A Guide to Tracking and Measuring in Jira Service Management

IT Service Management (ITSM) is fundamentally about delivering IT as a service and treating stakeholders as customers, working quickly and efficiently to deliver the best service possible. A key part of this is tracking and measuring performance and results – what gets measured gets improved, after all. In this guide, we’ll explore how to track […]

ITSM Workflows and Automation in Jira Service Management

Rather than simply maintaining systems and infrastructure, the core tenet of the IT Service Management (ITSM) philosophy is to deliver IT as a service to customers. A key part of this is to have logical workflows that drive queries, problems, and incidents onward so answers can be provided and solutions can be implemented, quickly and […]

Mastering Atlassian Intelligence: AI Insights in the Ecosystem.

Atlassian Intelligence, built in collaboration with OpenAI, takes automation features forward by leaps and bounds, creating and summarizing content, giving you fast access to information, analyzing data, and providing powerful virtual agents. In this article, we’ll explore what Atlassian Intelligence is capable of and what it can do for you. What is Atlassian Intelligence? Atlassian […]

Mastering Jira Governance: Prioritizing Global Happiness over Complexity

Atlassian and the human factor This blog emphasizes the significance of establishing effective governance and outlines how every (Atlassian) product can thrive with a robust governance framework. Our motivation for this blog stems from extensive year-long interactions with customers. Many of these customers began with modest setups, witnessing their instances grow in both scale and […]

Exploring Atlassian’s Trio: Atlas, Beacon, and Compass – A Comprehensive Guide

Atlassian, known for its suite of innovative software solutions, has introduced a triumvirate of new tools aimed at revolutionizing communication, security, and code repository management: Atlas, Beacon, and Compass. Let’s delve into the specifics of each offering and explore their functionalities, target audiences, and future prospects. Atlassian Atlas: Bridging Communication and Progress Tracking Atlassian Atlas […]

A Complete Guide to Jira Subtasks

Jira’s power comes from just how much the platform can be extended and customized at every level – from the very top, at the level of projects, epics and components, right down to the level of subtasks. But just what are Jira subtasks and what are they for? What is covered in this blog post: […]