Announcing Idalko Services for Open-Source Software

You’ve already heard about Atlassian’s latest announcement regarding the end of support for all Server products in the coming years.

This change had been in the pipeline for quite some time, though, so Idalko was all prepared for what was to come. We’ve been prepared not only for the changes in the Atlassian world, but we’re also ready to offer other services.

What’s New?

As an ever-evolving company, Idalko is becoming a purebred service provider. We have the experts and the knowledge in-house, so why not extend our existing services to cover a wider range of users and add more value to what we provide now?

That’s why we’re announcing our new services for system integration based on open source!

You’ve probably been passively benefiting from open-source software in many ways, but the software market might be a bit confusing, as It can be very daunting to find the software you need for a specific task.

When selecting software solutions and tools for your activity, it is not unlikely that the “off the shelf” products you find come with a bunch of features you have no real need for or even more often, don’t quite do everything you need them to do.

And that’s the interesting thing about open-source software. Because of its open nature, these products tend to have flexibility, scalability, and adaptability built into them. Different collaborators might have different requirements reflected in the changes they make to a product or the entirely new products they built based on the ideas of another.

To read more about open-source software, check out this blog post.

As with Idalko, instead of only setting up and integrating the backend of your Atlassian Stack, we will also provide full services for other products in or outside the collaboration or development tools.

Here’s what Idalko offers:

  • Completing projects from A to Z: advice, design, implementation, aftercare, and deployment
  • Managed Services: monitoring, audit, access security, and upgrades
  • Like always, you have our 24/7 support
  • More to come, so let us keep this one a surprise!

So you take care of your core, and we’ll handle the penguin.

Why do we think we are fit to handle such demand

As an Atlassian platinum solution partner, we have been providing services to 95% of our customers on Linux-based systems, which requires plenty of savvy people in every aspect.

We also offer 24/7 monitoring and support for those systems. It would feel a bit like a no-brainer job once you have all the boxes ticked.

Positive feedback and requests from our customers who already had used our service level with the Atlassian systems made us consider starting the offering.

So as of 02/11/2020, we will be happy to support you in any other project outside the Atlassian stack.

Contact us to start your journey today!



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