Idalko and Avisi Consultancy Merger: Combining Strengths for Greater Business Success

Are you ready for some exciting news? Well, grab your coffee and get ready to rock it because Idalko and Avisi Consultancy have just announced their merger, and it’s going to be epic!

Big Announcement

For those of you who don’t know, Idalko and Avisi Consultancy are two of the most innovative and forward-thinking Atlassian Platinum and Gold Partners in Belgium/France, and the Netherlands respectively. They are now joining forces to offer even more cutting-edge solutions and services to their customers.

This partnership is an absolute adventure for everyone involved, as they combine their +10 years of expertise, skills, and passions to create the ultimate dream team. And the best part? They’re doubling their strength while keeping the same focus!

With their common vision and combined strengths, they are now able to provide an even more comprehensive range of solutions and services to their customers, including more specialized and tailor-made offerings that are perfectly suited to their unique needs.

The new company structure will be Idalko Belgium bv, with a new VATnr, while Avisi Consultancy becomes Idalko Netherlands bv, and Idalko France remains unchanged. 

This merger includes the spin-off of our product division, Exalate – software integration solution, into a new and independent company. This move will allow Exalate to focus on growth and further expand its product offerings, while Idalko continues to focus on providing high-quality consulting and services to its customers.

But what does this mean for you, our customers?

Well, get ready to double your power with Idalko and Avisi Consultancy! You’ll have access to an even wider range of projects and clients, which means new and exciting opportunities for professional growth and development.

And if you’re wondering who your new contact people will be, don’t worry! Idalko and Avisi Consultancy have got you covered.

But the best part of this merger is the promise of more innovative and cutting-edge solutions and services. As the ultimate dream team, Idalko and Avisi Consultancy will revolutionize the world of Atlassian and The possibilities are endless, and the future is bright.

So, join the adventure and get ready to double your power with Idalko and Avisi Consultancy. It’s going to be epic! And don’t forget, they are always here for you, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or just want to say “Hi!”.

To sum up

The merger of Idalko and Avisi Consultancy is a game-changer for the world of Atlassian and It’s a match made in heaven, and we can’t wait to see what they will achieve together. So, hold on tight, buckle up, and get ready for the ride of a lifetime!


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