Jira Admin
Hands-on Jira training voor end-users

On-site event

With this training you’ll learn all about the basic and more complex set-ups you’ll face as a Jira Administrator. You’ll take a deep dive into all the Jira schemes, see how they relate to another and discuss best practices.

Each trainee will have access to their own hands-on environment where they’ll learn to setup projects from scratch with advanced configurations and workflows. If you’re a starting Jira Administrator and you already have explored some of the configuration options on your own, this is the perfect course for you to follow.


19 September 2024 / From 09:00-16:00

What to expect?

For who?

  • This course is designed for new Jira (Software) Administrators who will or already are administering Jira Software.


After attending this course, attendees should be able to:

  • Basic understanding of Jira Core, Jira Service Desk and Jira Software
  • Get familiar with schemes
  • Create projects and issue types
  • Configure issue forms for various types
  • Configure global permissions
  • Configure project permissions and roles
  • Create and maintain workflows
  • In depth workflow with validators, conditions and post functions
  • Share project configurations
  • Troubleshooting Jira


  • €400 per participant

What makes us different?

  1. Within one day you will have all the skills necesarry to start working in Jira.
  2. We are working with a small group of maximum 10 participants.
  3. You are guided by two trainers who have extensive experience with Jira.
  4. You will work on your own environment which will be available to you after the training.
  5. You can ask all your questions related to the usage of Jira and get an answer from experts that have been using the product thoroughly for years. If you have a specific use case we can always think along with you.
  6. After the training you will receive a handout with tips and tricks which will will assist you when you start working with Jira.


Jira Essentials course or equivalent experience using Jira – you should have a basic understanding of projects, issues, issue types, and workflows

Join this unique training and learn how to turn headaches into high-fives!