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Event - Automate your Processes with Atlassian JIRA

Here they are!  Check out full presentations from our event

Need to sync JIRA servers?

Check out Exalate

 Professional Services

We can help you to understand the full potential of the Atlassian environment, and we match the available solutions to your current needs.

We offer a full scala of supporting services, including advice and coaching, installation and configuration, training and knowledge transfer, performance assessments, project management and end-to-end solution implementations.


Do you have specific functional requirements, at iDalko we know how to develop quality add-ons. We can help you with developing customized functionality.

iDalko has following succesfull commercial add-on available:


License Management

We can help you with purchasing and managing your Atlassian licenses.

You receive personal contact and a flexible, fast service for 

- Customized offers
- Including vendor add-ons
- Order and delivery now, pay after you receive your invoice
-  Available in euro or USD
- Alignment of maintenance expiry dates

Trust the Experts

iDalko is a certified Atlassian Platinum expert, specialized in the full Atlassian portfolio and we've been doing it for many years. Whether it's a complex Enterprise solution, a custom plugin, or deep-dive training for JIRA admins and power users –We can do it for you!.

You chose the Atlassian products because it offers you enterprise class tools for an agile, reliable and results driven software organization. And now you are looking to adapt these tools to your existing processes.

Our experience with all phases of software product development - from initial inception, over detailed use cases, project follow-up using scrum, code reviews and continuous integration - is a guarantee that we understand your business.


Hear our customers

We love when people get excited about the work we do for them. These are just a few clients that have worked with us.

"When I stated «this is a drop everything task from our perspective» iDalko definitely took this into account. Your service here is above what we should have otherwise expected"
Colin I.

"IDalko komt steeds met een bijzondere grote bereidwilligheid voor de dag en is capabel om zich aan alle omstandigheden zo goed mogelijk aan te passen, zowel planningsgewijs als op technisch vlak"
Bruno D.